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Low Cut Lifting Unit

Extremely Low-Cut Press Lifting units (up to 7 tons) - HP Indigo

few selected Projects

Reservoirs Restoration

Restoration of Drinking Water Reservoirs -

Weizmann Institute

Boiler Replacment

Installation of 3 Hot Boiler Instead of 2 exisiting boilers - Weizmann Institute

Production Line Establishment

Design, Manage & Establishment of 6th Ink Production line - HP Scitex

Establishment of a Fully Automated Factory

Establishment of a Fully Automated Block Making Factory - Super-Block 

CLEAN ROOM Improvement

Solution of Pressure issues in Clean room - Weizmann Institute


Expansion of Printing Press Research Lab -​ HP Indigo

ink Grinding line ESTABLISHMENT

3D Design, Manage & Establishment of new ink grinding line - Stratasys

X-RAY Lab Chilling Station

Establishment of a new Process Cooling Water Station - Weizmann Institute

Waste Line Design

Design of a New Waste Line Design -

HP Indigo

IN-line Machine Manufacturing

3D Design & Manufacturing of Rotating & Chip Burning unit - HP Scitex

Water Supply Staion

Establishment of a new Drinking Water Supply Station - Weizmann Institute