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Ingentive technologies was established in order to provide a technological and professional response to the growing and unique needs of the high-tech manufacturing industry in Israel.

With advances in technology and the perpetual need for increased efficiencies, continuous improvement and the reduction of production costs in companies, there is a need for innovative Israeli planning, who thinks "outside the box" but at the same time relies on the experience and familiarity with the industry and the solutions available on the market. Ingentive Technologies aims to provide the smart and effective solution to its customers, whether in providing innovative engineering solutions tailored to the requirements of production and development, or with consulting and management of different projects from design to implementation and delivery phase.

The motto of our company, relays on a combination of years of experience, with a broad theoretical background and relevant practical experience, and he brings the three most important elements in any project, that is:




In every project we treat our customers as our partners and therefore your success is our success!